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Resource for addition/subtraction math facts

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Hi all,


Just wanted to share a book I found that has been amazingly helpful for learning addition/subtration math facts. I ordered it in the spring and used it over the summer with my 8-year-old mildly dyslexic rising third-grader.


It's a bit unique because instead of just drilling, it provides a different "hook" for the various math facts. For example, it teaches the 7+4=11 fact family by teaching that all three of the numbers have straight lines (and they are the only numbers with all straight lines). Some of it still ends up being rote memorization (like the doubles), but it tries to bring in patterns or hooks for the different facts as much as possible.


The intro tells you how to do it, but basically you teach a fact, then have a few pages of practice, and put the fact on an index card. The next day, you review your index cards, and either learn a new fact, or continue practicing. There's lots and lots of review all throughout the workbook.


I have been so pleasantly surprised at how well its worked. We have been fairly diligent about doing just 10 minutes a day, which of course has been met with resistance by ds! But after a few months of doing it, he is actually very positive about it because it has helped so much. He just started 3rd grade, and he's doing way better in math. I can't say for sure that it's this book, but it sure has me suspicious.


I also have an older ds and older dd (one dyslexic and one not), and discovered that they are not automatic on some of their addition/subtraction facts. After seeing their little brother's success, they are willingly going to spend 10 min. a day on the facts they don't know.


The book is called "Two Plus Two is Not Five," written by Susan Greenwald. It's on Amazon for $25, but I can't get the link to work for some reason.


Hope someone finds it useful! :)



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Thank you for this book review! I've had it in my shopping cart for some time but have been reluctant to hit the button. I'm hoping it will help with ds11 w/Down syndrome. Adding is a new skill for him so I wasn't sure when the best time would be to introduce the memory devices.





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