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I need help handling HMH company....

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Im going to make this brief, but really need advice.


I ordered Science Fusion through Rainbow Resource over a month ago. I ordered Module B and grade 5. I received my orders from RR and followed directions for activating the online programs. According to the directions, I will receive an email back from HMH with my password and log on info for the internet access. So..I received my email back from HMH regarding the Module B, activated it, And all is well with that. However, I have yet to receive an email regarding the grade 5. They say that it could take up to 2-4 days to receive your activation email back, but its been 3 weeks now. :toetap05: Ive called HMH, and they have no info stating I have ordered Grade 5....they only have that Ive ordered Mod B. :sneaky2: I've explained how I ordered from RR and that all I need is my activation emIl for grade 5. They said they would have to call RR for my order info and would call me back....and they havent. Ive contacted them 3 times (like I have time for this) with no results. One woman even told me there was nothing they could do. I spent 150.00 on this program of theirs and there's nothing they can do?:confused:


I did call RR where all I get is the automated voice. I've left a message, but cannot get them to return my calls.


At this point, I have no idea what to do. It turns my stomach thinking how I spent this money and can't even use it the way I want to.


I see a name at the bottom of the Science Fusion activation letter, Daniel, I think, but there's no last name. Ive never had a problem like this where I feel I have been completely ripped off. :glare:


So what should I do? I guess I can email RR, but Im so frustrated at the amount of time I'm having to invest here!

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My guess is you're going to have to work with RR on this as that is who you paid. It will be up to them to straighten it out with the other company. Since you haven't been able to get anyone on the phone I would definitely e-mail them. IME RR is a reputable company so they should get this taken care of for you. If you have further trouble you'll have the e-mails as hard documentation of your attempts to contact the company.


Also, if RR doesn't get back to you in a reasonable amount of time you could contact your CC company and file a dispute about the charge. You paid for a product that you did not receive and I believe if push came to shove, your CC company can pull the funds back from the vendor.

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