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daily chores

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Make their beds

Put their dirty clothes in the laundry

Help sort, fold and put away clean clothes

Help tidy their rooms

Set the table for breakfast

Help with clearing up and washing up after breakfast

Clean the bathroom

Feed the chooks, guinea pigs and fish

Bring in firewood and light the fire if it's cold

Take out garbage and recycling


That's about it for daily things. There are lots of other things that they do less regularly. They also help cook, but I didn't count that as a chore because they love it so much.

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One of them feeds/waters the dog and gives her meds twice a day. One has to clean litterboxes twice a day. One feeds/waters the cats twice a day. They rotate monthly. They are supposed to wash their own dishes everyday, but they don't. Everything else is pretty much on an as needed basis.

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helping with dinner every night. He is mostly in charge of cleaning the table, setting the table, getting drinks, and clean-up. He is also my prep cook and makes all the salads.


Unload/load dishwasher - we only run it every 2-3 days

take out trash - about every 2-3 days

general clean-up - no food left out, no dishes in his room

helping with pets - I do the litterbox though

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