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making room for new toys and games

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a new consignment shop opened up near us and they are accepting toys and games that are in really good condition. We have several games in our game closet that are in that condition, mainly because they NEVER get played with. I am tempted to simply remove them without ever telling the kids and sell them at the consignment shop, but there is a part of me that says I need to at least ask them if they are willing to part with them.


I am also thinking ahead and wanting to slowly make room for the the new toys that will be coming in a couple months...if I start now, we can accomplish this better and with less pain.


What would you do??

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If they are general family games, I'd go ahead and sell them if you want. If they belong to a specific kid (birthday present or whatever), then I'd check with them first. Alternatively you could buy something new, and then get the kids to choose what gets voted out to make room for the exciting new thing.

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It may depend on the ages of your children and how attached they get to things.


I like to be straightforward about this kind of thing. Ask them if they're playing those games. If they seem a bit attached offer to do a game watch for a month and see if its being used. Either that will stimulate use of something they just forgot about (or is awkwardly placed for easy play) or it will be ignored after the next 24 hours and you can sell it.


If they lament, just let them know it isn't getting played with and you're making room for new things they might like better! ;)

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I got rid of a bunch of the kids' game without telling them and they were annoyed for a while, but I know they never would have agreed to it had I asked them.


These were not games they played with regularly but ones that had sat in the cupboard for months, if not years. Of course, they were all looking for Candyland (the only game I cheat at to lose!) within a week of me getting rid of it :glare:


Also, if they get the money for the games, that could be added incentive. ;)

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