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Need any and all math extra ideas???

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We are going to be implementing a math block into everyday of our school. The kids have their curriculum. I am looking for any and all ideas on fun math extras. we are going to be doing a 2 hour block where we will do anything that is math related. So can you wise board members pleas give me any ideas you have? Books, games, websites, anything that will steer their minds in a mathematical thinking during this time of our day.

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I get most of my ideas out of books, so here are some of my favorites. My absolute favorite math supplement right now is Math for Humans.




Kitchen Table Math (3 books in this set)


Family Math (and all the other books in this series too, from Lawrence Hall of Science)


Primary Grade Challenge Math (and everything else by Zaccaro)


Mathematical Activities: A Resource Book for Teachers (I will be buying more of his books, starting with Mathematics Meets Technology. :drool: This is put out by Cambridge University Press.)


How Math Works


The Secret Life of Math


Real World Math for Hands-On Fun


The Cryptoclub: Using Mathematics to Make and Break Secret Codes


Top Secret: A Handbook of Codes, Ciphers, and Secret Writing


Anno's Math Games (and sequels)


Number Jugglers


Also, the Right Start game set is wonderful.





American History Math


String, Straightedge, and Shadow: The Story of Geometry


Agnesi to Zeno: Over 100 Vignettes from the History of Math


Math Games and Activities from Around the World (and second volume)



And a c&p from another thread, for math/art resources we like (especially DD). :001_smile:




Math Art


Connecting Art to Math


Object Lessons: Teaching Math Through the Visual Arts


Math for Humans gave me the idea to have dc make their own flash cards. DD loved this. Also check out Robinsunne's multiplication clock. I am seriously thinking about letting DD make her own math workbooks like Waldorf style main lesson books.


I also started doing aestheometry with the kids. My 6th grade teacher did this (and called it aestheometry, so that's what I still call it :D) and I was so thrilled to find the Curve Stitching book...until I got it. :tongue_smilie: I can teach it more easily than they present it. Still, it's a great activity and very effective at keeping hands busy during read-alouds.


I know we have also done math/art activities that didn't come from these books...probably from some of my general math resources. I have a few books on math games around the world which are good also.


For your younger ones, there is Math Arts (although I do not have this one, personally).

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With a two hour block, I would try to set aside half of it for problem solving with MOEMS books. (see e.g. Creative Problem Solving by Lenchner and Vol 2 of Math Olympiad problems)


While it would be even more fun if the kids clamored for participation in the actual contest (5 monthly in-school tests starting in Nov.), just the chance to expose so many kids to this crucial other side of math, and to get them thinking, would be huge.


Eta, duh, I just realized you meant for your homeschool rather than a school, but I still advise the same :)

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Just for fun and to build up logical thinking and brain nimbleness, I would encourage solving the daily Sudoku puzzle in the paper. This might need to be copied onto blank grids if everyone is going to do it. Monday's are easiest and they get more difficult through the week. Dh does them in pen and he can do them without writing down "possibilities" along the way. I do that early in the week, but by Thursday I'm usually writing all possible numbers in the boxes! My youngest sometimes likes to do a Monday puzzle. 12 yo is not so into puzzles, but I may make her try again sometime.

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