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person that made bomb threat at dd's cc was arrested

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the person that made the bomb threat that closed down dd's com. college on the first day of classes has been arrested. It is a 26 year old woman and dd heard that she made the threat because she did not get the schedule of classes that she wanted!! I think she will probably never get the classes she wants at that particular college ever again.


Also we have the case in Philly where the ex girlfriend ( of a passenger on a US Air flight) and her new boyfriend called in that the passenger had explosives on the plane. Well the new boyfriend has been arrested and he could get up to 10 years in prison for making the phone call. I mean really how stupid can people be? Oh and this all happened because ex bf posted "compromising" photo of ex gf on facebook. These are adults (mid to late 20's) so not just clueless kids doing pranks and other stupid things.

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Bomb threats were frequent at my high school in the mid 90s, probably once a month or so. There were pay phones on the campus, and when a threat was called in we'd have to go outside while they searched the school. I knew a few people who did it to get out of tests. I'm sure that it's a lot different nowadays though.

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