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Earlier Greek/Latin-Posts...and another question...


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Thank you to all thoses that answered my earlier posts!

These boards really are saving me...I don't think I could homeschool without (...and this REALLY is hardly an exageration...;)).


Now I have another "Greek-Question": I plan on starting ds on Elementary Greek next year for 4th grade. Do you think it is necessary/worth it to use his 3rd year to do the Alphabetarion course with him as a preparation? Or should we just dive right into EG?:confused:


Also, is the Alphabetarion a full-year course?


Thank you for your help...again!

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The Greek Alphabetarion is a gentle and slow approach to learning how to say the Greek alphabet and how to write the Greek alphabet (upper and lower case). We started in 2nd & 3rd grade, so I thought GA was invaluable as an introduction to the Greek language.


Even though the Greek Alphabetarion is not necessary to start Elem Greek I, it does build a firm foundation in Greek alphabet and phonics. Of course, an older student could go through the program in a few months rather than a full school year. EGI goes through the alphabet and sounds very quickly. My DH (our official Greek teacher) thinks that GA provides a better schedule to learn Greek phonics. Our boys are very adept at saying Greek words because of their exposure to GA. This has helped in EG when they encounter new words and when they read Greek out loud. It really helps to be able to say the words out loud (or in your head) when you are translating.


If you include the Crestomathy, the Greek Alphabetarion has 60 lessons, so we did 3 lessons a week and then used the last 2 days to review what we learned via flashcards and the pronounciation CD.



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