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Thinking about art...


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We are doing artistic pursuits, grades k-3 book 1 this year. We really like it.

I'm thinking ahead to next year, when link will be in 4th grade and Astro will be in 2nd. Pink will also be doing a little bit of informal pre k, but idk that she will be with us for art time - probably not.

what I can't figure out is what book to get next year - grades k-3 book 2? Then after that would we do 4-6 book 1 or what? Because of the gap in ages (and not wanting to do two separate things) I'm just trying to determine what progression would work best....

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I just got book 1 and have been reading through it. I am loving it and so is my dd. If I was in your boat, I would just get the next book and go through them. Each of them seems to teach different skills utilizing different mediums. I think it is a program you are familiar with (which means it is more likely to get done) and it can easily be used with an older child as it is THEIR artwork, not necessarily a duplication of someone else's.

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