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Pierced Ear question #2

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About a year ago I started the thread below on pierced ears. I'm glad I waited to have my dd's ears pierced as she would NOT have been ready this time last year. But, a year later and she is ready.


Thanks to many in my original thread, I'm set with the method and type of starter earrings I'll buy.


Today I was browsing in Amazon thinking I'd buy her very first pair of "regular" earrings, but was surprised they are pricey for little girls' earrings....studs at that.


Where else can you buy good quality but inexpensive earrings. I don't mind paying more $ for earrings for special occasions, but at her age I can't see spending much money on "most" of her earrings.


I'll order her stater earrings from Amazon though. Once they arrive in 2-3 weeks, I'll take her in to have her ears pierced! She can hardly wait!


Where should I look?




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My daughter has very sensitive ears, so we can't use most places like Claires etc. to buy earrings. If you have access to a Silpada representative, they have some very nice sterling silver earrings for less than $20 dollars (these do very well in my daughter's ears). And if you have access to a Premier Jewelry rep, the Mimi 4 pack of earrings is only $20 and also does very well in her ears.

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