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When kids go (back) to public school.

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My 10yr (5th grade) and 6 yr (1st grade) have both expressed a desire to go to public school.. We've been homeschooling for 2yrs. DD1 attended public school from k-1st half of 3rd. DD2 has never attended public school. We moved 2 yrs ago to the other side of our state and new we would be changing school districts etc and decided to use the change to start homeschooling. It's been a great fit but the kids have decided that they would like to go to public school. I'm REALLY wishing they had told me in like June so we could have gotten ready. We go thru an ALE program and technically my kids are public school students in the state of Wa. After much talking we've decided to wait until xmas break to have them start public school. During this time we are having an assessment/testing done to see where they are at and what work needs to be done.

DD1 is mostlikely at or above grade level for all things. Perhaps Math just at or slightly below. DD2 is mostlikely at or above in math but I know is behind in reading. I did afterschool DD1 but it's been years.


This seems like such a new adventure.


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Our family sees schooling as a callaborative approach. We feel it's important for our children to take ownership in their education and to help facilitate that. Inregards to $ technically they are public students because we use an ALE and so they have been counted in this school district.

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We are also in WA and have also used ALEs. DS was miserable at home and making all of us miserable as well, so he started PS last year in Nov. DD11 joined 5th grade band around that time (zero hour, 3 days a week). He loves school and is much happier there, and now she's going 2 periods a day (for band and PE).


I never thought I'd have my kids in school, esp in middle school! I had a terrible middle school experience. But it's working for us. The younger two are still homeschooled (still working out the ALE thing for them). Sometimes it seems like we're pulled in too many directions, but mostly I'm excited for each of them to be thriving in the way that works best for them.

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Hobbes went to school for the first time at age 10. There were some minor adaptation issues, but it has been a very positive experience. I'd talk to the school soon about how they think a transition can be made smoothly. Hobbes had a day in his future class before he joined permanently, so that he could get a feel for it.



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