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I like Fridays

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I don't want to tempt fate and jinx the good day but I had to share.


A) We survived the first week of the year and the kids are still hsing, that in itself is cause to celebrate lol


B) Their online poetry class ended early today so I got my computer back(it was just an orientation, their class is normally on Thursdays)


C) I heard back from insurance and got a set in stone amount they are cutting me for the car and it is excellent. Enough to pay off the old one, replace what we could not get out of the trunk, buy 2 new boosters and fill my pantry with groceries.


D) My parents are buying a new car and selling me my mom's hardly used 2004 station wagon, which will give more space than the broken car but be better value than buying something else. Better for me than buying another new one in the long run.


E) My youngers flight gets back into Edm at midnight tonight. only 2 more sleeps until I am holding them tight again.


F) My son being the suck up he is bought me an orange jones soda. One of my favorite pops and I only buy it a couple times a year.


So yeah, not bad not bad. Now to cook dinner and then do up my weekly review on my blog.

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