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"Robin Rescues Dinner" anyone have this?

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I've used different meal planning methods in the past, including a few online, and was thinking about giving "Robin Rescues Dinner" a try for something different. I like most of her recipes, so that's a plus ;)


If you have this book or borrowed it-how does she reuse the leftovers in later meals? It looks like she uses wraps quit a bit. I'll probably pick it up through ILL before buying.

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Well, I don't have it, but adding it to my Christmas List now. :D I find that I'm very successful with dinner when I use her methods and recipes.


I do have Robin to the Rescue and Quick Fix Meals. I really like her cooking style for a busy household. I use those two books a few times a week. Her meals are simple, tasty, and pretty healthy. The simplicity of them makes it easy for me to substitute/modify when I need to make them even healthier depending on how dh and I are eating at the time. My dc rarely balk at her meals.


In Quick Fix, she has a section that takes a main meal and turns it into 3 leftover meals. She is pretty varied in the leftovers including pasta, salads, soups, sandwiches, and wraps.

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