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Xpost- where to find financial aid:college


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If he knows which college he wants to attend, start by asking them. Financial aid offices can be a wealth of knowledge and most grants come from colleges themselves.


If he's young enough, he can also stop by his school's (or school district) high school guidance office. Ours is more than willing to help students or recent grads with info. They also publish most local scholarship opportunities. You have much better odds with anything local than with those online deals.


Does he belong to a credit union or club of any sort, have an account with a bank, or have a job? Sometimes any of those offer scholarship opportunities. They're worth checking with.

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Check w/the local hs guidance/college office. They'll have the list for all the local scholarships, some of which are open to any student (some are restricted to grads of xx high school.) The U he's looking at will be your largest pool. Check their web site to see what's listed and the application date. Many will have an earlier application date than the school's general admissions application date (like even in Dec.)

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