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Free Reading, Reading Level, Reading lists, etc...


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So, ds has finally gotten to the "I want to devour books stage", YAH! So, I'm trying to keep him in a steady supply as I want him to enjoy reading. However, I have a few questions.


He is easily and quickly reading books on Magic Treehouse level (2.2-2.6 or so)- about an hr if that for reading. I know in reading with him some out loud that he can read above that, although I notice that he will often quickly go over longer words and just guess on them in more difficult books. So, I'm thinking I should continue to pick out books on this level- what do you think?


In the meantime I'm working on the guessing habit, which developed this summer. We didn't work on phonics over the summer and he just started reading and reading and got lazy and forgot some things. Hopefully we can remediate that soon. Although, I think perhaps he might be like his mother who has a tendency towards speed reading and doesn't always pay close enough attention.


My thought though with free reading is to let him enjoy it and let it be. How do I know when to assess to move him up in level? I guess perhaps when I notice he stops guessing when reading out loud? Of course even if he can read it, there is a question of endurance and such.


Also, where do you go for lists of books to read by level and subject. (He isn't much on picking out books for himself). He read The Sword in the Tree and would love more books like that, he told me he wants action, adventure, guns, shooting, knights, cowboys, you get the idea. Although, he also devoured the Chalkbox Kid just this afternoon(which doesn't fit that description at all).



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