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Wake sick baby or not??

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I'd probably let her sleep as I hold on to the old-fashioned belief that sleep is nature's greatest healer. I would keep a close eye on her temperature though. At the back of my mind would be the dread of waking her and facing a couple of hours of a miserable, fractious baby.


Hope she's much better very soon.

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Has she been seen by a doctor? That is a high fever for a four month old. I wouldn't worry about it in an older child, but with a baby..... I would want her seen.


However, no, I wouldn't wake her for tylenol.




I do worry a little about a four month old with a fever not eating that long. Fevers can dehydrate you. However, my almost four month old is a crazy frequent eater... so my view may be a bit skewed.

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Let her sleep. If she's had several wet diapers today, she's ok as far as dehydration goes. If she cries, but can't make tears, if her urine is very concentrated, or if you pinch the skin on the back of her hand, and it doesn't go back to normal immediately...she's dehydrated.


If her fever has gone on for more than 72 hours, without trending downward, she needs to be seen.

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