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I have never heard of red-shirting here?

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The cut off here when my youngest was to start was Oct 1, her birthday is Sept 29. If I hadn't h-s I might have considered holding her for another year. The option is up to the parent. At the time I felt it was too long of a day for a 4/5 year old- bus pick up at 7:30 and drop off at 4:10. We homeschooled and DD will enter university as a 17 year old. I had an October birthday myself and ended up starting University as a 17 year old as well.

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we are dealing with this situation now my son is 3.3years old. he has autism and is non verbal and he can't understand really anything being said to him other tan eat, sleep, put back, stop and sit. There is no way he would be ready for JK here(ontario) next year. they are pushing it for social reason and we were told he would have an IEP and most likely a aide to stay with him. I was like seriously ?! he can't understand door ,table, teacher nothing what good will an aide( who he can't understand do?) I know its not mandatory for jk & sk but they do push it

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