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Proverbial foot in my mouth again.

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Don't ya just hate it when you say something that could be hurtful to someone or at least make them feel excluded?


Back story .... This summer, two different moms (say Annie and Julie) from my church approached me about homeschooling as they each were planning on taking one of their children out of school. Each invited me to lunch (separately) to ask advice and talk about what I have done (or am doing.) In those meetings, I happened to mention our girls' book club and our science club. Both had inquired further about them. When I was meeting with the second mom "Julie", I invited her and her daughter to join two of our groups (after asking the other moms.)


I sort of forgot about the "Annie" (first mom/daughte)r and sort of didn't. "Annie" has a daughter two years younger than most of the girls in our group, but she is gifted and thus, has been profoundly bored and unhappy at school. She has had some behavior issues at school (mostly related to the bullying she experienced.) I feel badly for this girl, but I have seen where she has taken some things out of context and seen hurtful intent where there wasn't any. Well, sort of I forgot to ask our group about including this girl - I meant to, but had some ambivalence about it due to the age difference, the size getting to be about the maximum we want, and wondering if she would have trouble. I kind of see Annie's daughter as a bit of a wild card - I really don't know how she would fit in - being a little younger and having some baggage. (I know about this baggage because dd is in choir with both this girl - both actually.) We have the nicest group of girls you could ever imagine. There are a couple of younger sibling girls who are always made included. But I know it can be hard coming into an established group.


Well, I posted something on facebook today about my flurry of activity today, which includes finishing up the science club plans. Annie saw it and mentioned something about waiting for me to contact her about it. Arrggghh!!! I so wish I had talked with the other mom's 2 weeks ago. I quick sent out an email to the other moms asking them about including her and hope to hear back from them today.

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