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Week in Review - 9/7/12


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Hi all,


I am doing my weekly review early, even though we haven't even started today's agenda. But I am busy all afternoon and evening and then for most of tomorrow. And that's too much a of gap for me to remember 1)what we did 2) to actually post what we did!


Anyway: http://strewing.blogspot.com/2012/09/week-in-review-9712.html


Hopefully at some point I'll get a chance to glance around at other people's weeks. One of my favorite things to do!

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I'm back blogging :party: I started with a "what we're doing this year" post which I didn't get all the way finished as I'm having iPad issues with blogger...


I'll finish up tomorrow on the computer then Put up our week in review :) And the book list/match-up for The Human Odyssey volume 2 will be up within the week!

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We just finished our first 2 weeks and my first blog wrap-up is here.


Brief summary from my personal school log (not on the blog):


Day one: Not bad.

Day two: Could be better!

Day three: Not good!

Day four: AAAAAaaa! I feel like I'm wrangling cats and pulling teeth. And pulling cats' teeth while wrangling them. I'm pretty sure I ate lunch TWICE today because the day was so LONG I forgot that I had already eaten.


By Friday of week one, school consisted of watching the Netflix documentary "Man on Wire," baking brownies and taking a trip to the library. That counts as school, right? :D Luckily, our second week was a lot better.

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I'm teaching several classes this year and doing a little tutoring. I have just begun posting some info on the classes that are ongoing and have included a lot of books and links that some might find useful as reading resources for various subjects.


My last post covers ancient history work I'm doing with an elementary age child. The one before it includes some resource info ideas for covering logic with older elementary/middle school ages, and there's also a post on covering world geography with elementary children:




Perhaps someone else might find something of use here,

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