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Have you used SOTW Medieval and Oxford Medieval/Early Modern together? If so, how?


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I have a 7-year-old and a 10-year-old, and I'd like to use both SOTW 2 and the OUP books to combine them. I was thinking that I'd read the SOTW chapters aloud to them both and then have DD10 read the corresponding sections of the OUP text on her own and write her narration/outline. I took a stab at coordinating them tonight, and it turns out it's easier said than done.


SOTW and the OUP books coordinate very loosely, but there are some chunks that either don't have a neatly packaged corresponding section in the OUP books (e.g., Chapter 5 on medieval India) or the details from a SOTW chapter are spread out across a wide section of the OUP book.


So, if you've used the Oxford books to fill out your use of the SOTW book, can you tell me how you approached that? Do you just not worry about how carefully they corresponded, so long as the extra information got in there? Some other method that my Type A self is not seeing? Or do they just really not go together at all, and I should give up completely and do something else?



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