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What next if I'm not feeling the Megawords love?


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I thought Megawords sounded great. My plan was to have oldest dd go through all eight books (eventually).


It is early to say this, but I'm just not feeling the Megawords love. It isn't what I thought it would be. I am need a *lot* more than I thought I would be (almost 100% vs. my ideal 50%). DD passed out of the reading sections in Megawords 1 - although I'm having her do the passage reading (so far avg 150 WCPM w/1 or 2 errors) and completely out of 3 of the 8 sections in spelling. (She got 4/5 right on the rest on the "check test.")


I thought she needed work on syllabification, so we've spent more time in Sections 1 & 2 than the check test said we needed to, but I don't think it is going to translate into actual spelling improvements. The exercises don't seem very helpful. (Perhaps because she already has these things down??)


So, assuming we finish Megawords 1, what *other* mostly spelling program should I try if I'm looking for something

- relatively inexpensive

- open & go

- somewhat independent (should need me 50% of the time or less)

- rule based


This one still needs a spelling program still. I just don't think I can handle doing teacher-intensive SWR with *another* kid. I need something *more independent.*

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Did you do the assessment to see what level to start with? Sounds like DD is way beyond Book 1. Our experience with doing all 8 levels with a struggling speller: Book 1 is simple; Book 2 is a slight step up. Book 3 is a bigger step up. And then the words in books 5-8 as I recall were more of a high school level. You can check out the table of contents and some sample pages for each Megawords Book at http://www.christianbook.com to see if the level of work advances to your DD's need, or not.


Other options (none are open and go solo programs as requested):

- Use the Megaword table of contents for the list of syllabication rules you want to cover and make your own spelling with an online practice program.

- Convert a root-word vocabulary program into a spelling program (root-based words allow you to work with syllabication patterns).

- Create weekly spelling from misspelled words from DD's writing; discuss vowel patterns and syllabication "in the moment".

- Perhaps DD is beyond needing spelling? Switch to vocabulary studies, and discuss vowel patterns and syllabication as it comes up along the way.



The only other spelling workbook programs I can think of that are

- open and go

- done independently by the student

- and go up into the middle school/high school ages like Megawords


are Spelling Workout (maybe the last bit of level F, or level G and H) and Apples (remedial phonics-based rules). I have heard that some people like the CD Rom (PC compatible only) or online Spelling from Calvert.


BEST of luck in finding what works best! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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I don't know how high MW goes, but I have How To Teach Spelling and that has advanced words and dictation. It is under $30 if you get only the TM and dictate from that. It is rule-based. It is not 100% independent, but maybe you can get your elder two dds to dictate to each other?

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