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Worksheets for "How Many More?"


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Ok, I have had very little luck in finding what I'm looking for. DD6 needs a lot of practice with the concept of more and less, greater than, less than...and how many more, how many fewer.


I have tried Edhelper, Google, etc. I'm just not finding what I'm looking for, specifically worksheet practice of comparing two numbers and then being asked how many more or less a given number is from a second given number.


Any ideas?


ETA: Preferably withOUT pictures for her to count. She's got that part down. She needs to make the transition to looking at numerals and being able to decide how many more or how many fewer.

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Thanks, I've got that site bookmarked, and I use them for comparing greater than and less than (the poor girl has been seeing their > and < sheets all summer long).


But I need something that will also ask her, "How many more is 8 than 5" for example. And either I'm missing it on edhelper and math-drills, or they don't have it.


I could have sworn I saw something on edhelper...but their site is so huge, trying to find things can be difficult.

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LOL! Talk about not seeing the forest through the trees! Yes, you are absolutely right...it is really just addition and subtraction. I hadn't quite thought of it that way.


She is using JUMP math, and the curriculum is VERY incremental. She technically hasn't learned about addition and subtraction just yet...the next lesson after this one (comparing numbers to five and ten and talking about how many more and how many fewer a given number is compared to five or ten) is addition.


Conceptually, she doesn't really "get" the relationship between numbers. She is likely dyslexic and that just compounds the difficulty she has. But with much much practice, she is finally able to tell me what number is more and what number is less, and...more importantly, WHY! (Because such and such number is taller than such and such number). But I need to move her along into understanding that a given number is more than another number because it is two or three or four blocks higher.


JUMP has them use their fingers, along with a five frame or a ten frame. She did ok with it, but again, not conceptually. She needs to practice it, and practice it, and practice it...and talk about it and talk about it and talk about it....more and more and more. Or it won't stick.


We've exhausted the practice in JUMP...she needs more practice.


I have been using the math-drills comparison sheets and then asking her in our daily review...yes, you were correct, 7 is more than 5...but how many more?


But I'd really like her to have something she can do independently.

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I run into this sort of thing ... where I'm looking for a ready-made worksheet with [something] on it & I can't find it without [something else] that I don't want.


When I started using Miquon, I realized the solution: I made my own.


Viola! As many problems as you like on the page, worded exactly the way you want them to be, and they don't include any extra things that you don't want.


It takes just as long as all the googling does & is easier on your printer cartridge.


Good luck!


P.S. Does she really need to know "how many more" yet? If they haven't introduced addition/subtraction?

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Singapore 1a has questions worded the way you seem to want them to be:


____ is 3 more than 20


16 is ____ less than 18


12 is 2 more than ____


These are such simple sums to write up I would probably just make my own worksheets and print them out - that way you can practice the set you need to and put emphasis on the parts she struggles with.


I would also make sure she always has manipulatives to work with to solve these because if its the abstract she is having trouble with then it is the concrete manipulatives that will help and NOT more practice with the abstract numbers. You do need to show her the manipulatives together with the written numerals for it to make sense. Also has she used a number line and does she understand a numberline as this is another thing that can help.

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Thanks for the suggestions!


She does just fine with the manipulatives. She has that part down. But trying to move her to the abstract is where she's having a hard time.


I have a number line with a visual aid on the wall in front of seat. So she can see that 1 has 1 block...2 has two blocks, etc. And this is how she was able to master more and less...because 2 is taller than 1. But now I want her to master how many more?

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MEP does this throughout the curriculum. They start with just > or <. Then move to placing small numbers in the signs to denote so many more than.


:iagree: It's intermingled throughout ... IMO it is a major feature of the program that this is (the?) main teaching method in MEP. They make a real effort to teach numbers in relation to other numbers.

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