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How do you make your breakfast potatoes?

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How do you squeeze the water out? Just do it with your (clean) hands? Wrap them in a paper towel?


A little inexperienced here. :blushing:




I stick mine in a colander and put paper towels on top. Then I just push on them with my hands until no more water will drain. Also, I think it's best to have cold potatoes and hot oil. :001_smile:


I know that rinsing the potatoes seems counterintuitive when you want them dry, but sometimes it helps the mushiness problem o get rid of some starch. Also, sometimes you just get a tricky bunch of taters and the next batch is just better for no real reason other than all potatoes are different.

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We don't have potatoes unless we have breakfast guests.


Usually, I cut them into quarters and boil them, then cube those and bake them in olive oil and seasonings in the oven at a very high temp. These work for dinner, too, with different seasonings (thyme usually.) For oevernight, you would just do the boil, cube, and then put them in the pan, cover it, and refrigerate.


Dh will sometimes slice them thin and fry them in butter or bacon grease. :D

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You can thank amydavis, she passed it on to me (through Pinterest). :001_smile:


Ah! Thank you Amy Davis!

I served the leftovers this morning and I'm totally amazed at how delicious the dish is. It goes vegan beautifully, similar to a quiche.

This is going into my meal rotation for sure!

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I dice, season and roast the night before while doing supper. Dice, toss with a little oil, add in some cajun spice, season salt, garlic salt, whatever I feel like adding. Toss then put on an oiled cookie sheet.


Next morning put in a skillet and warm. Sometimes I will scramble an egg after the potatoes are warmed. Mix that and some cheese and a little salsa. YUM

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Whenever we have baked potatoes I always make a few extra potatoes for breakfast the next morning. Toss some diced onions and bell peppers in the cast iron skillet with a little oil or bacon grease, cube the cold potatoes and add them to the pan with some salt and pepper until the onions/peppers are soft and the potatoes get some color on them. Serve with ketchup, Tabasco, etc. Yum!

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