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Chicago near Wrigley Field?

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Well, sports bars. Not sure if that helps, LOL.


You could walk to the lakefront, or go down to the Lincoln Park Zoo (free).



Heh, sports bars aren't my ideal. We'll walk around. The lakefront sounds like a possibility.


I love your name, BTW. I can always hear my father say "The wiley wapiti!" when he was being silly and was talking about elk. (He was a game warden.)

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Wrigley Field area = sports bars. Not much of interest around there to see.


If you walk south a bit, you'll hit some interesting areas. Belmont (runs east-west) from around Clark Street to Sheffield has some unique, cheap shops and Ann Sather cinnamon rolls which are possibly the best in the world. After that, you could walk south down on Clark, but I think going south on Sheffield is nicer until you get to around Diversey Street (runs east-west) when you'll want to head back west toward Clark and then south again.


You could also walk or take the train down to Fullerton and look around the DePaul area which has beautiful neighborhoods and pretty little boutiques and places to eat or grab a snack. Just snake around the east-west streets of Armitage, Dickens, Webster, and Belden between the north-south streets of Halsted and Racine. Just east, that stretch of Lincoln Avenue is nice.


Keep your eyes and ears open for suspicious characters. You'll be fine, but just be alert and look behind you and what-not.

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