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Is there a book "review" site like some of the movie review sites for parents?

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Are there any sites that highlight potentially objectionable issues in books, similar to some movie review sites for parents? There are a number of books that I have not read, or that I read eons ago, that I would like to include in a reading list for a co-op -- but I am concerned that unwanted "surprises" might pop up that parents might not appreciate.


I don't have time to read or re-read all the books beforehand, and my memory is often fuzzy when it comes to some books that I read in high school and college.


I also really don't want to go to Sparknotes and read book summaries, because I'd like to read some of the books along with (or slightly ahead of) the kids -- and enjoy the books without knowing what is going to happen.


Thanks for any suggestions. ~Brigid

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review sites that are very comprehensive. :(


But there are some book review sites that are worth the time for at least decent pleasure reading! Here are some:


http://teenink.com/Books/ These are reviews written by teens and some classics are included!

http://www.flamingnet.com/ This one also has some good literature reviews



The problem I've found is that no one seems willing, particularly librarians, :confused: to let parents know about sexual or violent content and it ticks me off! They'll give 4 or 5 stars and basically rewrite/retell the synopsis on the back of the book. That doesn't help me!


I read quite a bit of teen and young adult fiction and it's amazing how often a book gets high marks, great reviews but no one mentions the homosexual overtones or the drug experimentation or the scene of intense violence or rape because, I guess, everyone believes that teens are just little adults who can self-sensor and use sound judgment 100% of the time and not be led by their peers. Yeah. Maybe I'd still choose the book, but I can't even MAKE a choice if no one stands up and says THIS is what's in the book!!! Grrr. I'm not only talking about the current fiction out there, either.


All I can say--before getting off my soapbox--is to preread as much as you can and never rely on only 1 or 2 reviews or opinions. Heck, I've seen books recommended casually here that I would *never* suggest to anyone without some sort of content disclaimer! We have our children for such a short time, and I'm not willing to hand their minds over completely to the public library just yet. LOL!! ;) (My librarian MIL would probably faint...hehe)

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This one will give you all of the details on why you might find a movie objectionable. Here's a piece of what they had to say about Hellboy II:


SEX/NUDITY 2 - A woman kisses the forehead of a demonic-looking character.

A character tells a woman that she is pregnant after touching her stomach. A woman takes a pregnancy test.

A demonic-looking character showers and we see his bare back to the hip and a demonic-looking character is shown bare-chested in a couple of scenes. A man is shown bare-chested while practicing martial moves with a spear. Women are shown wearing low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage. A woman sleeps wearing a tank top and boy-short underwear.

We see a large stone statue of a female that is described as a fertility goddess (it has exaggerated breasts and hips).

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