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Grr...here come the heart tests again.

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I've had problems with irregular heart beat/rapid heart beat off and on for around 17 years. I have a mitral valve prolapse that causes some of it. MOST of the time, I completly forget about it...until I have a problem.


I get flutters all. the. time. I usually ignore them. Today I had a bad episode, in the middle of a store. Felt like my heart caught and would not restart. I was near passing out, tons of pressure on my chest and I couldn't breathe. Freaked a poor saleslady out. Obviously it resumed it's normal rhythm again. But as par for the course, I've felt like poo on toast all evening.


I do have a DR appt. scheduled (although it isn't until next week :glare:) I was supposed to have a new EKG and Echo done last year as a routine check, and I just never did. Dh's surgeries kind of put it on the back burner. Got a big fat reminder today I guess.

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