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Made me sad (public school)

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Many of the other moms at DD's dance school know each other outside of dance. Consequently, while I spend hours of my life sitting there (usually reading, doing schoolwork, or homeschool planning :D) I get to hear some very... interesting conversations. (Think teA, bOOk shelves, husbands, family, etc.etc. :lol:)


Last night two moms were discussing a return to school. One of the moms was talking about how her daughter (who I *think* was in 4th or 5th grade?) was FINALLY being challenged and receiving a good education now that she was in a different school, and how in the years before she'd always just sat around bored and didn't learn anything.


Really it just made me sad for the state of the public education system. I'm enormously glad that we're able to homeschool, and even with a great public school system, homeschooling would be the best choice for us. But there are families out there that public schools really are the best (or only) option, and those children deserve great educations also!! :glare: Seems a little self righteous of me to get angry and want to change a system that I don't even use, and wouldn't even if it were changed, huh?


Anyways. Just my random two cents for the day. :tongue_smilie:

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My DD took dance over the summer and the other moms were all talking about their kids going back to school. One of the moms had a child entering school for the first time. The other moms warned her which teachers were "terrible" and which teacher her child would actually have to be "fearful for her life" if she got her! :001_huh: The whole time I was thinking, "I'm so glad I'm homeschooling."

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