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Back to homeschooling!

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So overwhelmed! We had our daughter in homeschool from 2nd through 5th grade. She wanted to go to public school but our schools are pretty bad around here. We put her in a private Christian school for her 6th grade...didn't fare well as the teachers there didn't even care to set a good example. They couldn't spell to save their lives. When it was brought to their attention, I was ignored and looked down on. In 7th grade, she was put in a different Christian academy and again, same problems, teachers didn't seem to care. Her math teacher who was also her after school math tutor, would tell her she had to leave the building and wait for me to pick her up out in the parking lot because the teacher's ride home would sometimes arrive early. Needless to say, she didn't go back this year.


We put her in a charter school, which we thought was going to work out but the first two weeks of school there have been no student textbooks passed out, their teachers are doing double-duty because they are understaffed and their "gym" time consists of letting the kids go outside and kick a ball around with no supervision. Argh...I'm at my wits end and have now withdrawn her from school and we are back to homeschooling, much to my daughter's dismay.


If you have read this to this point, I appreciate your allowing me to rant. And now...I have to find a good curriculum for her. :confused:

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The "fastest" thing to do would be to sign up with BJU/Abeka/or Christian Liberty Academy at grade level. I wouldn't say any of these would be the "best," but they'd do in a pinch.


If it were my child, entering 7th grade under these circumstances...I'd have a bunch of books on-hand, download the MP3s for SOTW to listen to, so at least some history were being done and probably go with the following:


Math: Kinetic Textbooks Pre-Algebra: Online course, she could start today. Solid course. Alternates: Life of Fred Pre-Algebra or Teaching Textbooks Math 7 or Pre-Algebra (depending upon where she tested...)


English: Abeka, because it's straightforward, pretty much open and go for vocab, literature and grammar (not the writing in the grammar book, though). Supplemented with novels, and probably Writing With Skill for Composition.


Science: BJU 7th...although you can check out CK12, they have free textbooks on-line that will do in a pinch. I know they have biology...not sure about other subjects.


History: K12, using Human Odyssey book 1 (all put together, solid course, you could start this officially on 9/17...like my 7th grade son is :D)


That would cover the major bases, and get you some time to research without feeling like your daughter was falling behind.


I spend *two years* researching subject areas...so I'm not the best one when it comes to throwing things together fast. I am overly dependent on things that are pretty well planned, and I freak out when I think my kids are falling behind. That's me. I also have 5 kids, a job, two volunteer positions (one fundraising, one with 13-18yo girls), plus a house and all that it entails.


Best wishes...I know you can do it!

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Maybe spend a little bit of time deschooling? That will give you a chance to research curricula.


Do you want a boxed set?


You could also have her play around with Khan Academy in the mean time.


Good luck!



We are so stressed out that I may just do that, deschooling! We have done boxed sets in the past but don't particularly want to do that this time. Math is very hard for her with her having ADD and all but that is why I am here to help her every step of the way. Not easy but I know that I can do better than any of the school (public or private) teachers that she has had in the past. :001_smile:

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