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Anyone have trouble allowing a child to grow up?

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I think perhaps this is what this is. Dd10 has had some difficulty in school. She just told me that I gave her much too easy and "baby" stuff to do last year. She's right that it was at a much lower level than what I gave her brother at that age but because all the feedback I get from her is complaining, I guess I thought that she couldn't handle more rigor. But now I wonder if I'm babying her too much.

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Dh does. Ds is old enough to take responsibility for our yard (small) and he needs to shave. I can't mow because of asthma issues and frankly we've mowed weeds only most of the summer because of the drought, but I had to help ds trim his sideburns the other day. I asked to dh to help him trim up the beard area before he gets ingrown hair or looks like a wild woodsman. He's refusing to acknowledge ds is growing up. Dh was visibly uncomfortable when we were discussing a driving permit last night.


Wow, I guess I'm upset with dh. :lol::lol: He tends to let things go and this growing up thing won't be put on hold, it's happening whether he wants it or not.

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