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Boys name: poll

Is the name Jesse still a good boys name?  

  1. 1. Is the name Jesse still a good boys name?

    • Yep, spelling matters.
    • Nope, people will mistake it for a girl too often.

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I am 32 weeks and have thought along we were having a girl. Yesterday I needed an US for another reason and found out it is actually a BOY!!! We are still a little shocked :-)


Anyways I love love love the name Jesse and my husband likes it too but my kids think it is now a girls name(not spelled that way but just by sound)


What do you all think? Poll coming(I hope)

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I am a Jessi so spelling does matter! I can't tell you the number of times people have written my name Jesse. AHHH! I am not a boy. lol


And I don't think it is a girlish sounding name for a boy to be a Jesse. I always think Jesse James, the outlaw...nothing girly about him. ;)

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