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Anyone heard of this phone scam or telemarketing tactic?

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Just got a call from a "Dr. Richard's" answering service. The woman said the doctor wanted to talk to me. She then came back on the line and said he was talking to a patient and to wait on the line. I asked what hospital he was from, she said she didn't know. I waited a minute, but no one ever came on the line and I hung up.


Caller I.D. said Private Number, Tennessee. I don't know anyone in Tennessee or who is traveling in that area.


What kind of scam could this have been?

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I Googled it, but nothing similar came up. I also doubt it was a wrong number. Pretty sure doctors don't call patients/family members via answering services, especially during business hours.


That is very strange. I wonder if they were going to ask you for personal information....

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