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Christmas gift ideas - what next to give 11yos, future engineer?


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He has a lot of building sets:

1.Technic - several sets

2.Mindstorms - and several books (he needs to progress with this)

3.SnapCircuits - including 750 (but we can't get it to work w/ our laptop)

4.Engino (biggest set)

5.Knex roller coaster and smaller sets

6.Erector set - large metal, many models set


What next? Electronic lab, which one?




He kind of wants to help his special needs older brother build large Harry Potter lego sets and go in on them together. They would be in his brothers room though and wouldn't really be "his" gift...

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I vote for Electronic Lab.


Also, "Backyard Ballistics". The simple catapult is easy to make and satisfactorily launches eggs a decent distance. When he moves up to trebuchet, paint a large target on an old tarp (tarps are good because you can just hose them off and let them dry in the sun). Moving the target will teach the engineer to adjust both position, counter balance, and tension in order to hit the "bulls-eye".


Oh, and in the winter, the trebuchet is a blast for launching large snowballs and icecycles at snow forts or snowmen! :D



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Oh, yes! Forgot about that. DS also received that last Christmas and loves it. In fact, it has been set up on our kitchen table for the past few months.


How about a chaos tower?
I thought about suggesting that, but I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Horizontal, it takes up so much floor space. Vertical, not so much, but it is wobbly on our floors. DS and friends do love it, though.

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