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How is West Hartford and the area around it?

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In terms of homeschooling, safety and diversity?


We are always playing around with where to move, but I am seriously considering getting out of my immediate area. I need a change! I love four seasons with summers not too hot and winter more bleary than snowy and icy. I crave to be able to walk to the park with the kids and perhaps even walk to the library. I am looking for a place where we won't stand out, with a high level of education and middle to above middle class living while still having some rentals and obviously like diversity. I stopped by West Hartford on a trip in the summer very briefly, but liked the feel of it.



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Hey! We used to live near there!


I"ll try to help:


From my perspective, very diverse (but I'm WASP, so maybe I'm not a good judge?)


Very walkable town, especially if you live near the center.


Cost of living is high, high, HIGH - but you're already in New England, so you know that.


Homeschooling. We haven't lived there in 7 years, but when we did, there were quite a few homeschoolers. I'm pretty sure there's an active secular (or at least non-Christian) homeschooling contingent in CT as well.


Does that help at all? Thanks for letting me reminisce!

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Heather! Thanks for the input. Cost of living can barely be higher than here and we are in NH at the border to MA. Can barely keep up! Not to speak about the fact that we can't do anything except either sit home or be in the car. I miss the feeling of community and am day dreaming I can find it somewhere new. Getting into a small town with those qualifiers in MA would be a lot more expensive than going somewhere else...

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