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Why do I always do this?

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Insist on ordering from RR in the fall, that is. Between back orders and just generally slow shipping, my RR package(s) always take twice as long as packages from everywhere else. Blah.

Well, the 11 year old is thrilled that two of her subjects are still missing and I got an e-mail today saying they've shipped finally, but could take 1-2 weeks to be delivered.


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While skeeterbug is right, I'll commiserate. :D

I'm waiting on two RR orders...both shipped on 8/31 but I'm guessing neither will arrive today. Which means my children won't have their Latin books for the first day of our Latin School Co-op tomorrow! :willy_nilly:

I'd say live & learn, but apparently we never do! :lol:

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I tried ordering IEW-A and Prima Latina from CBD, but it was backordered until the end of this month. I then tried RR and it's only backordered until this week, so I went with RR. We start our co-op on Monday and something tells me we won't have our books in time. Sigh. I ordered them as soon as I got the book list, but it was already too late. All of the other books I needed for regular school I ordered before July, so at least that's not a problem.

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