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Does anyone have any recommendations for French music appropriate for kids? We've started to learn French together as a family and we're having so much fun with it. One of the favorite parts of our lessons is when we watch YouTube vids on the tv with surround sound on and dance around to the music. I would love to find a cd or two for when we're in the car. Some of the videos we've watched have been by Alain Le Lait, but before I buy one of his CDs I thought I would see if anyone knows of someone even better. Thanks!

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We love the Clipounets music DVDs http://www.clipounets.com/ ; they have a Youtube channel too. What's great is that they first play the song then repeat it a second time with the words so older kids can also learn to read along. They do just the music CDs too or you can get the MP3s from Amazon.com


ETA: we also really enjoy Henry Dès, his Christmas album "C'est Le Père Noël" is very popular at our house (again, available on Amazon.com's MP3s)

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Any of the Putumayo cds would be great. They have a huge range of cds with music from around the world, and my dd loves them. I know there's at least one with French music on it.


ETA: Here's a couple:





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