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Is anyone else just ready for ...

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all their outdoor flowers to die? I want them to be done so I don't have to water them or feel guilty about ignoring them! I get that way every year at the end of August/beginning of Sept. But, I don't want to be the one to pull them out or cause their death. I know. I'm making no sense. Maybe this is my secret weirdness and belongs on the other thread.

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my whole garden has been a nightmare. I had a knee injury so i couldnt plant or weed at all. I didnt water, since it was only the perrenials. and then when dh and teen ds did some weeding this weekend (because the neighbors called the county on us for the grass growing long in the beds), dh took down a lot of perennials . . . .


i just wish i could garden.


maybe in the spring . . . .

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Do you have those water crystal thingis? They became very popular here with gardeners during the ten year drought. We can buy them in small jars, but most potting mixes include them too.


Obviously you still have to water, but between them and the mulch, one usually remembers before the plants keel over. :p



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