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gasp! I'm ready to instill it! Dd is just not focusing and I'm ready to tell her whatever isn't done is homework. Would that be a bad thing? Nothing is too hard or too easy. I don't know what the heck her problem is. She's just 12. It is a rather full day, but good grief, we can't even complete half the day's program. I have to have her redo things. Her latest is a research "postcard" on Carthage. Her written answer, "Carthage was destroyed in 698.It was beautiful though. The sky is blue and there were lots of white fluffly clouds." HUH? And this is her second try after reading about it in Wiki.


I'm beside myself. We went through 5 math problems together out of 8 and the last 3 (6-8) she had to do herself. They didn't even look like she used the same directions. HUH? Another problem was for 19,592, the value of the one is a _____......her answer...."ones". Yet the other two problems concerning the value of the numbers on this number were right. HUH?


It's going to be a really long year if we have to do it all twice. We started at 10 and it's 4pm.

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My girls have math homework every day. We go over the lesson in our assigned lesson time. Then the day's work is assigned. Whatever is left is homework. The lesson time includes correcting yesterday's work and speed drills, flashcards and going over the new lesson. So they never have time to do all of the work.


It helps dawdling too in that the switch to a new subject keeps them from sitting glassy eyed when they aren't focusing anyway.


Sometimes my 5th grader has homework in other subjects. But always in math.

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