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I could use a little help if anyone is good at this sort of thing. I'm terrible at surprises, but I am trying to do one.


My DH and I have been looking for a different house in our little town for years now, and his cousin called me this afternoon with a really good possibility. The owner is interested in possibly doing a swap with us and wants to see our house.


So I asked DH to do a family picnic when he gets home down at the park (which is a block and a half or so away from this other house). He's game. I want to somehow casually walk him by and talk about living on a nice little dead end street or something, but it isn't on our way.


How do I casually get him into going for a random walk down a dead end street near the park?


I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I am REALLY bad at sneaking/surprises.


FWIW, this house sounds like a great fit for us, so he might be really interested.

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