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Hey there, all of you "Elasti-girls!"

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Having toddlers, teens, and a twenty-something sister puts me through an interesting wringer, so to speak.


My sister, who lives in Taiwan, was visiting for a few weeks recently. We stayed up to 1:00 am (on average) each evening. However, I had to get up and resume normal motherhood and wife duties each subsequent morning. This is in the midst of reading to and bathing toddlers, while watching favorite movies with my teenage sons and giving needed attention to those of age in between toddlerhood and twenty-something.


Certainly dh was sitting on the couch with that trademark "twinkle" (kwim?) in his eyes...LOL!


I wonder if Elasti-Girl, from the Disney movie The Incredibles, ever got tired. Grin.


My hat goes off to you all who are living similar circumstances :o)




Camy (who prays that I will get a bit more flexible and not break in the process of this rich and blessed life)

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Certainly dh was sitting on the couch with that trademark "twinkle" (kwim?) in his eyes...LOL!


Heehee. Your "twinkle" made me smile.


When my brothers and I were little, and asked our dad where we (babies) came from, he'd answer that we "came from a twinkle in our mother's eye." Or, he'd say that such-and-such happened before I "was even a twinkle in my mother's eye."


I kwym about the elasti-girl feeling. I love that scene in the movie when they're sitting at the kitchen table, and she has one kid in each hand, under the table, and she yells something like, "Bob! I think we need some intervention here!" :D

I feel like that frequently!

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