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Food poisoning...

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I used bad ham lunch meat for our wraps today :( and now I am really stressing out that we are all about to have problems from it.


I thought it was the most recently purchased bag of fresh deli meat, but instead it was the bag of ham I purchased from the deli 11 days ago!! :ack2::ack2::ack2:


I thought the ham was fine and just made the wraps quickly, without thinking much about it. Though, in hindsight, the ham was slightly more "wet" than usual, (which I now fear was slime) and had a slight, slight odor (but truthfully that is hard for me to detect because I think ALL meat has a slight odor.)


So, all that to say...is there anything I can do to boost our immunities to help fight this off if we are about to get food poisoning? I am so worried now!

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If you're going to eat old lunch meat ham is the way to go. It is so heavily cured that you should be fine.


Yeah, LOL. I was looking around a (small) homeschool science fair last year, and I really wasn't all that impressed with the level of scientific inquiry there. One student wanted to see how fast different different deli hams would go bad, and if smoked ham lasted longer than black forest ham. So basically he took 2 slices of the different ham, put them on paper plates in the basement, and checked on them for 2 weeks. Neither one molded. That was it for the experiment! It made me laugh!


I hope no one gets sick, but we also have eaten deli meat that is that old and been fine. Good luck! :)

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