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Our first day of school.....sort of....


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Well, we had our first day of CC yesterday and that went very well. Last night I finished putting all their memory work in their binders and made our memory work trifold board (which is awesome!!). I still have a pile of papers to put away into other small binders just in case we want to refer to them but they are not as urgent.


Anyway, so this morning I woke up around 7:00ish. Ideally I'd like to get up at 5:00 but so far with this pregnancy that hasn't happened. We ate breakfast and immediately jumped into our memory work, pajamas and all (and some kids in underwear or diaper...lol). This is not the norm but I just wanted to get things going for various reasons. I don't know if it was 8 or 8:30 by that time. It took us until 11:30 to learn how to go through everything and show the older ones how to do their science and history work (which goes with our memory work). I knew this would be a slow process the first day.


I left the older two to finish up and I dressed the younger ones and then hopped in the shower myself. I ate a little lunch while my husband fed the kids and then I drove over to my ultrasound and doctor appointment to find out if the baby is ok (I'd been having spotting and cramping last week on vacation). Praise the Lord, the baby is perfectly healthy and fine! It turns out I had passed the sac from the twin we miscarried earlier :-(


I got home around 3, ate a snack, and dived into thinking skills with them. Before I left for the doctor I went through one of their books and marked stopping places at the bottom of the pages so I did this for one other book and re-calculated the number of pages for the others just to make sure. So they did their pages and then they left for tennis lessons with the three little girls down for a nap (though 4 year old never did sleep and is currently playing alone on the back porch). I went through and corrected all their uncorrected pages from last year's thinking skills that I hadn't gotten around to so after we make those corrections this week I can put those away.


When they get home in 45 minutes my daughter will make Nacho Pizza for us and I will get my 8 year old started on his Greek workbook he is finishing up. He'll also watch a Latin lesson for review. I will teach my 5 year old one Greek letter of the week from his Hey Andrew Reader. My 10 year old will have to do her Greek and Latin pages tonight after dinner.


So it was not a conventional day at all and we will still have to be working on our schoolwork tonight and practice violin but we will get our first week goal subjects done today (memory work, Greek, Latin, and logic). I am praising God for the good news about the baby and I will not worry about easing into our school year this month or the mess in my house as we slowly recover from piles of laundry from vacation and other medical issues. Tomorrow we will start over and try again :-)


Right now I think I'll ask my four year old if she'd like a story, put some laundry in, and then choose to attack cleaning my kitchen up until they get home.


Anyone else dwelling on the good instead of choosing to dwell on the lack of perfection?

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Me, yes! I started two new things this year. I am now keeping my 3 yr old niece. She is obviously distracting to my kids when we do school. Plus I agreed to work on preschool skills with her. Then I last minute accepted a part time job that is a few hours every day. So now we have to get school done by 2:30 each day (excepting homework which is completed later in the day without me) It puts so much pressure on me to shorten our afternoon subjects so that I can get out the door. So now science, history, and Bible have much shorter time periods than I am used to. We haven't actually started logic stage skills for history yet, as we are wrapping up a little bit from last year. But we are still early in the year, so i am not worried about it.


I have always done lots of art at home. This year art will be a class at co-op and whenever else I can squeeze it in. This week for example, I have cut out science at home (it will be at co-op only this week) so that we can do extra art each day to get some big projects ready. So things are constantly giving and taking, where in years past we just worked as long as we wanted to on things into the evening if we needed to.


But I figure schools get it all in before 2:30 or 3:00 so I just have to find a way to do so too! Of course I have several different subjects that schools aren't putting into their days (Bible, Latin, spanish...) so it is a challenge.

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