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MCT?: Do all of one level before moving on, or...?


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We started MCT island level last late-winter/early spring. We used a staggered schedule I'd seen linked here, where we started Grammar Island, then Building Language, then Practice Island. We're scheduled to start the poetics book soon.


My son [8yo, "3rd" grade-ish] loves this program [except the practice island], and loves all the Roman history in Building Language. We are just a week or 2 away from finishing, and I'm debating whether we should go ahead and start the next level's vocabulary book [Caesar's English-1], or wait until we finish the whole "island" level.


I've gone ahead and ordered them so I can start whenever I want. I'm curious what others did.


Pros & cons?


[We do have some vocabulary within our history and science studies.]

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I don't feel remotely compelled to finish a whole level before moving on. I don't think they are necessarily "level" either, if you kwim. It seems like the poetry books are way more complicated than the rest, and the grammar books are much easier than the writing & vocab. I've seen people suggest starting in a higher "level" with older kids, but backing up to CE1 for vocab. I was advised to do Sentence Island before starting Town, which I did - it was great. We did SI, Grammar Town, and the beginning of CE1 last spring, and we'll finish CE1, Paragraph Town, and the poetry book by January. Then I'll decide whether to jump straight into the Voyage level, or whether to start parts and not others, or whether to do something else for awhile before doing Voyage. We'll see.


I guess all's I'm saying is that all the books reinforce and repeat and deepen what you are learning in all the others, I don't think you should feel compelled to finish all of one level before starting some parts of the next.

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I like to coordinate CE with the practice books of the same level. The vocab words show up in the practice sentences, making them a bit more relevant and interesting for my kids when we've been discussing them.


Have you and your son looked through CE? I think the format may be different than Building Language. (I'm not sure--we didn't do that level) That may affect your decision also.

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