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Meal Planning

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Do any of you have your main/largest meal at lunch? Dh is about to change his hours and the lunch meal will be the main one that we will all be home to eat together. I'm trying to put together some ideas for our largest meal of the day being lunch. We will do a light dinner each night since it will just be me and the boys.

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Guest AliceMoore

Finding time to make school lunches for your children could be a challenging prospect as you try to get ready for work, too. It is tempting to just give them lunch money or to toss a Hot Pocket and an apple into a bag. But you know your kids should have something healthier. By preparing ahead of time and planning the night before, you can send them off with a healthier alternative that is simpler on your budget as well. Pay for lunch for your kids with an installment loan. School lunch is very important especially for kids who are going to school everyday. They need to eat foods that are very nutritious like fruits to make them active in school.

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