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Hands on liquid measure?

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I am looking for something to buy for ds that will help him with cups, pints, quarts and gallons. I want color coded cups, pints, quarts and gallons so he can fill them with water and pour them into each other so he can see that 2 cups equal 1 pint, 2 pints equal 1 quart and 4 quarts equal 1 gallon, kwim? I can't find what I am looking for on Rainbow Resource's website though. It doesn't have to be color coded but if it were that would be a plus for him! Is there such a thing?


ETA: OR-- do you know of any stores that would have something similar in the baking section? I live VERY rurally and we have a nothing in our town (didn't expect there to be anything though) Thanks!

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Hmmm....we had a foam puzzle (think Lauri) that had all the equivalent measures.


Let me poke around and see if I can find it anywhere...


ETA: http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Kit-Foam-Puzzle-Kitchen-Measurements/dp/B00371YJ2Y (this is it...)


ETA #2: Google "foam puzzle" "kitchen measurements"...I found it on eBay as well

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