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Ahh, the wisdom of a 15 year old

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Younger ds was having a tough time accepting the homework he had for 6th grade math last night - writing definitions, doing stuff he did in 4th grade at home. He did do it, but with a lot of "Why do we need to do this?" You know how it is ;)


Older ds comes in (only homeschooled 2 years (grades 3 and 4), refused to do harder math in his private middle school because it was too much work, now happily bumped up to Honours Algebra 2 in grade 10 (rather than regular Alg2)), and says, "You know, you should just do it and get it over with. Stop complaining and you'll be done in no time. You'll be happy you did it." :001_huh:



Then, this morning at 6am, says to me, after I peruse younger ds' math text and see that the entire year will be a review for him, "You really should have him move up to a more difficult math class. I really wish I had done that in middle school. Then I could be taking Trig or Geometry this year." :001_huh::001_huh::001_huh::001_huh:

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Ahh, the wisdom of experience.



I have a 15 yo too and he HAS seriously matured about academics in a way I had never dreamed. He is all about school work now, math in particular.


My 15 year old is definitely not 'all about schoolwork now', but he is doing better.



Get your youngest on video NOW so when he is that wise old age of 15 & says something like his big brother; at least you will have evidence :lol:


Great idea. I never thought my 15 yo would ever speak those words, or at least not until he had kids!

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