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Silly Timeline question

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I have always wanted my kids to do timelines but for some reason I have ALWAYS struggled over how I wanted this to happen and I've been stuck in the mud over a silly timeline! I have researched to death which method to try. I even bought the Homeschool in the Woods entire cd collection about 5 years ago with big intentions but then we started a large remodeling project so there went the wall idea. Anyway...FINALLY after an embarrassing amount of analysis of a timeline, I now know how I want this and am in the final stages. (I know. Don't lecture me on how something would have been better than nothing all this time because I already know that is true.)


Here is my final unimportant question. We are going to do notebook timelines with cardstock pages I am printing from guesthollow.com. Then I am putting each of the pages in sheet protectors (single sided so we can choose to lay them out linear if we want to.) All our figures will either be printed from our CD or from other sources so it doesn't matter if the papers are colored or white as far as the figures go. (In other words, we won't be coloring directly on the card stock papers.) But the color is my question. My timeline is divided into 10 time periods per Guesthollow. I can get 10 different colors of cardstock. OR would it be better to have all white sheets?


Yes, I know...this is the silliest timeline question that could be posed. But if you've been a lot more successful at creating timelines than I have and can see some of the pros and cons/benefits of what color paper works best or if it is good to divide the time periods by color...please, please give me your input so my last timeline hangup can finally be fixed and my kids can have a timeline. :)

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I think it would be a good idea for you to have a color represent each of the 10 time periods, so 10 colors. It will help to visually organize them. Our new Classical Conversations timeline cards have a colored symbol on the top right hand corner of the card to separate the 7 different time periods. It has been very helpful for us to see it visually that way.

You've spent a lot of time thinking and planning. Good luck on your timeline, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

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