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Gift idea for my midwives?

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I would like to get gifts for my midwives. My primary midwife has attended me during two homebirths now, but she is closing her practice and moving overseas to do missionary work. I imagine she will probably be getting rid of many of her belongings in the process of the move, or at least putting them into storage and only taking those things that will be immediately useful in her new work. She has a partner midwife and an apprentice who also attended one of my births and were helpful to me. Her partner will probably also be moving soon after the practice closes, but not overseas or in another situation that would necessitate minimalism.


I have no idea what to get them. Most gifts I've thought of would not be useful enough to deserve a portion of anyone's baggage allowance. I don't want to get food or restaurant gift certificates. I'm not coming up with any other options.

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Honestly, a nice picture of your family (or the babies she caught) and a note of appreciation is enough. Midwifery is an amazingly wonderful job but it's also quite tough. Knowing that people think of us and appreciate what we do is so uplifting.


If you're really wanting to do gifts here's what I'd suggest.


Mw who is moving overseas:

- Amazon gift card

- jewelry (there is some pretty birth jewelry on Etsy, search "midwife" )

- donate to her or the group she's doing missionary work with

- ask if you could renew her subscription to Midwifery Today or purchase one for her


The other mws:

- All of the above, except the donation to missionary work

- Birth art or sculpture (i.e. Willow Tree) for her new office.

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I like the Amazon gift certificate idea! We were just talking about Amazon at my last appointment, because apparently Amazon employee insurance covers homebirths one hundred percent. Amazon has everything, so it's perfect. It's not the most personal gift, but I'm not good at that anyway. I'd rather get something really practical than something personal that sits around collecting dust.

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I really wanted a gift for my last midwife and what I finally came up with was to take a series of close-ups of the cute baby parts of my little one. I then cropped them, changed them to B&W, and arranged them digitally as a collage, using 4 pictures and a verse, on quarter-fold size cards. I printed them and gave her a packet of them wrapped nicely.


She seemed to like them. It was personal (my baby, my photography) but universal (nothing to identify the specific baby) and she could use them for business notes or personal ones. And they didn't take up a lot of space to store.


All of which would be good for your mw's current situation!


(I'm trying to attach a pic!)



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