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Math questions...Crewton Ramone and MEP


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So, my younger dd (9) is still doing well in math (catches on quickly but not advanced). She's completed about 1/2 of the R&S 4th grade math and doesn't really like it. (Since she is my very agreeable girl, it becomes very noticeable when she complains.) We had been working in Singapore (which she does like) but got hung up in 3A when we moved too quickly in division.(Side note: I really don't like how Singapore moves from simple division with a remainder to 3 digit division in just a matter of pages. The same thing happended when my older dd had reached that section.) So, we've gone back to Singapore, but again I need to explain the concept of long division to her. I looked at the Crewton Ramone site and really liked how he explained long division. It really made sense to me. Then I looked at his section on square roots and really liked it too.


All this to say, that I'm thinking about overhauling all of our work in math and science. In truth, it is the one area that I've been more of a get-it-done type teacher with some spots of floor work, manipulatives and the very sporadic living math book. I've been about the same in science....but shying away from chemistry and physics more. The last year or so, we've been studying chemistry and physics more (older dd needs it and younger dd is interested in it) and this has forced me to face up to my weak spots as a teacher. I've finally decided to deal with this issue head on. :lol::D


I have a set of base 10 blocks (not Crewton Ramone's blocks)...just basic red base 10 blocks. I've watched some of his videos and taken notes. I arranged my units into block sets of twos, threes, fours and fives to work with as I watched. I've already planned on teaching these two sections (square roots and division). I also have planned on showing the square roots to my older dd who was working on the Pythagorean rule. I'm going to add in the Patty Paper Geometry and another Geometry Labs book I have on this topic as well. (I'm planning on including my younger dd in this geometry. I also have What's Your Angle, Pythagoras? for her too.)


Do you think the Crewton Ramone kit is worth the price? Could I get by with making my own?


I'm considering changing my younger dd's math to MEP. Does anyone who has used this have an opinion on this? I like the focus on concepts and that it is free...:lol: If it doesn't work, I still have Singapore with which to continue.


Any advice?


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We use Singapore and MEP, but you can definitely use MEP by itself. I would not hesitate to do that.


I cannot answer the question about the CR kit. He has joined the boards, so you can search for his user name (his name) and read his posts. He did address this question in one of his posts.


Have you looked Rosie's videos at educationunboxed.com? You will probably find those helpful also.


It sounds like you have a good plan!

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