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That/who peeve

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Feeling all irritable tonight... Here's another thing that is driving me bananas! (In addition to the SSN and birth certificate thing)


When people use "that" instead of who is turning into a giant pet peeve of mine!


For example:


Everyone that needs a form should get one from me. (Everyone *who* needs a form should get one from me.)


I see it written ALL over and not just in casual writing where I would mostly expect it or in causal conversation where I would mostly expect it. I see it in articles, newspapers, letters from coaches/leaders/teachers and spoken by coaches/leaders/teachers.


I know it is a ridiculous thing about which to get my panties in a wad, but clearly I want to complain about all sorts of silly stuff tonight!!!!




(I can't sleep. I hope I can stop posting inane things.)

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Along the same line, it bugs me when people use "way" instead of much or many. Like, "the moon is way bigger than it was last week". I always have to rephrase the sentance in my head. My grammar is far from perfect, but some things stick out like a sore thumb.

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