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I need health.


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Someone just tell me what I need. Believe it or not, I'm tired of researching curriculum, I'm tired of planning, I just want to be done with it all.


I need health. In my state I have to teach health. I want a workbook program that we can do easily in one-two days a week and get done in a year that will keep the portfolio reviewer off my back.

I don't really care if DD learns or retains much. We talk about health and safety all the flippin' time. Isn't that part of parenting???? Why do I have to "teach" this? :glare: I just want something easy that will make my life simple.


Oh, she's 6.5. and secular please. :D I know that someone out there knows exactly what I need!!

(And cheap. I may or may not have blown the budget on more important stuff, like art supplies and books....)

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Guest Carlos22

You can get it on amazon, and there is a book that goes with the writing. I paid 40 bucks for both the writing and the book. My child and I read the writing together, and then he does the book pages.

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I ordered Studies Weekly to cover Health, Social Studies and Character in a quick, easy way. They are similar to the Weekly Readers that they use in schools and are designed to meet the curriculum standards. They are really cheap. I bought the whole year of Social Studies, the Health (I believe 13 issues) and the Character for $13.00.

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Disclaimer- I do not have to provide a portfolio until we hit high school, so I may be talking from the wrong orrafice here.


Could you to just take the Usborne Science Encyclepedia* and go through the section on the human body? You could do a two page spread every two weeks.


Week One:

Day one- read

Day two- do one Internet linked activity


Week Two:

Day one- do one Internet linked activity

Day two- fill out some generic, free, printable "what I learned" page to put in a folder for portfolio.



*I am working from the assumption that you have it, and that free is better than buying a workbook. Really any good science reference would work. I just know that Usborne covers nutrition and other health class issues in thier human body section.

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I just bookmarked the kids health website and we will probably go that route next year. We're in MD as well and I know that the reviewer we had (with my oldest) never really paid any attention to health. So I would choose either 1 topic per quarter or 2 per year and that is all I'd include. In high school, they take 1 half credit of health in all 4 years so it's not like you need health to as intensive as reading and writing. :) Basically just do a couple little projects that look nice for the portfolio and don't stress over it.


I wouldn't spend $40 on a health element when you can really just get by with so much less. And I'm not a really a 'get by' kind of gal for learning, except I believe we do really address health in day to day living and I don't like that it is required either so I'd make it as easy as can be.

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