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Will my life be easier if I switch from FLL3 to ILL/PLL?


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Thus far, I've had my girls (8 & 9) in the same level of Grammar ~ currently FLL3. We've all been enjoying it, but my 9yo is ready to move more quickly than her 8yo sister. At the same time, I've just started working more intentionally with my 5 and 4 year olds, reading, math, etc.


My olders aren't doing much independently, and FLL3 is pretty teacher-involvement-heavy. I really need them to be a bit more independent and I'm wondering if switching them to PLL and ILL will help? {I'm looking into these books first, since I happen to have copies of them on hand. Plus, the covers are cute. ha.}


Anyone have any advice? I am feeling like I've got too many balls in the air right now and I want to surrender a few before they all come tumbling down on my head!





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I haven't used PLL/ILL, so I can't give an opinion on that. But I understand the pros/cons of FLL 3. It does a great job, imo, of gently introducting diagramming and basic grammar to that age range, but it does require your time. If you decide to stick with FLL 3 for both, what about using it with one dd 3x/week and the other dd 2x/week? You could even alternate each week who does it 3x and who does it 2x. If a lesson is easy for the 9yo and she can whiz through two lessons in one session, then let her. If your 9yo moves to FLL 4 in April and your 8yo doesn't move up until next October, that's okay. They will both still be learning grammar consistently, and you will still only be teaching one session per day.

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I am also having a similar struggle. I too, have ILL and FLL3 and my son (8) and myself are not THRILLED with FLL3 and I have two youngers that I need to be involved with as well, I am finding it takes a lot more time than what I initially thought. I am interested to see what other posters have to say.


It's good to know I am not alone.


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I've tried PLL/ILL several times with my kids. I really wanted it to work because some sang it's praises and it looked so great...short, sweet and to the point. But, I have sold it for the last time. It just doesn't work for us. I also used FLL 3 with my 9 yo last year and we really enjoyed it, but it was very teacher intensive. So having 5 other children to teach and a baby due in December, we've decided to shelf FLL for now and try Essentials in Writing. It includes video lessons that can be watched w/o mom if necessary and the $40 price tag fits the budget, too. So, I'm not sure I have been any help, but I was feeling the way you are (too many irons in the fire...something had to give). So these are the changes we have made for this year in the hopes that my sanity will be saved and school will get done. Good luck...

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PLL is very easy to use and didn't take long at all, but I wouldn't say that it's independent (at least for us). We really enjoyed it and used it alongside GWG.


Have you looked at GWG? It is much more independent, but I still need to discuss and reinforce for retention.


I have not used FLL, so I can't compare.


Magnificent Baby, What's GWG?


I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone in this struggle!! It feels a little bit like I'd be taking a small step backwards, going to PLL from FLL3 ~ but there are definitely things my girls haven't really learned yet at all (letter writing, for instance). So today I had them focus on that. And I'm surprised how they don't know how to space/center on a blank paper - too many workbooks thus far??


Anyway, thanks to each of you for your insight! So helpful!




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PLL/ILL is not an independent program by any means. We use it and it's teacher intensive most times. The language is different than what is spoken today, so the kids constantly ask what this means or what that means. Also there is much memory work, dictation, oral compositions, etc..


We love it, but it's something where you would need to work with them.

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We have used both.

I switched from FLL to PLL/ILL thinking it would be less intensive for the kids & me. I found it was definitely less time but I honestly did not feel it was rigorous enough (as compared to FLL) so then I tried finding an independent, yet thorough grammar program for my grade 3 & grade 5 kiddos at the time. We picked up GWG and it was almost entirely mom-free!!! I was thrilled.....for a month, until I realized they had retained next to nothing :glare:


All that to say, yes - switching could save you some time. But make sure you adjust your expectations accordingly. If you are willing to have a lighter grammar year, then go for it.


I've discovered we are way more WTM here than CM. even though it takes more of my time, I think the investment is worth it.


FWIW, here is what mine are doing for grammar this year:


DS11 - Hake 7

DD8 - FLL 4

DS6 - FLL 1/2

(ask me how i feel about my grammar choices in 6 weeks when I am juggling a newborn!)

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